1st Trust Title, Inc. takes all consumer complaints seriously. We strive to make interaction with our Company rewarding. 1st Trust Title has developed a process for receiving and addressing consumer complaints to help ensure reported instances of poor service or non-compliance do not go undiscovered. Consumer complaints are taken in a variety of ways, including a phone call, voicemail, email or regular mail. All consumer complaints are documented and tracked for resolution. Standard procedures for logging and resolving consumer complaints will help to ensure that the consumer provides the company with sufficient information to understand the nature and scope of the complaint.

For all consumer complaints for poor service or non-compliance, 1st Trust Title, Inc. informs consumers and others we do business with to please call our office (954-587-1033) and ask to speak with a Vice President or President who is responsible for all new complaints.

Employees of 1st Trust Title, Inc. (or upper management) may complete the intake form and attached copies of any pertinent documentation from the consumer and deliver this to the President or Vice President as soon as possible, but never later than the end of the business day. This will help to identify information that connects the complaint to a specific transaction. Complaints will be evaluated for the validity of the complaint, any mitigating factors, and the best resolution. A follow-up call will be made to the consumer in effort to resolve the complaint no later than the end of the second business day to acknowledge receipt of the complaint and to provide the consumer with the status. The goal will be to resolve the complaint within 3 business days, but if this is not possible, then to provide the consumer with an update on what is happening and when a result will be expected.

A complete log of the complaint will reflect whether and how the complaint was resolved.